Saxdor 320 GTC

Select optional equipment for your

Saxdor 320 GTC

(Optional equipment are valid for factory installation only)

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Selected engine package

Twin Mercury V6 CMS 225hp

The V-6 Mercury® FourStroke is high tech without high stress – reliable, durable, and strong.




  • Superior torque from high-displacement V-6 powerhead
  • Lightest weight for maximum performance
  • Quicker acceleration from performance-inspired quad-cam design
  • Maximum fuel efficiency from Advanced Range Optimization and closed-loop fuel control


  • Innovative charging strategy keeps your battery charged
  • Maintain rpm regardless of conditions with Adaptive Speed Control
  • Smoothest, quietest operation through advanced engineering
  • Maintenance-made-easy with industry-exclusive Top Cowl Service Door
  • Wide variety of color options to personalize your engine

5200 – 6000

Engine Type

V6 – 24-valves, DOHC

Displacement (L)


Fuel Induction

Computer Controlled Multi-Port Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI)

Alternator Amp/Watt

85 amp (1071 watt)

Gear Ratio


Dry Weight (kg)


Design selections

  • 320-cobre-2-500x333

    Standard design package
    With basic white hull.

  • 320-cobre-white-satin-2-500x333

    Cobre design package
    With satin white aluminium hull foil.

  • 320-sand-1-500x333

    Sand design package
    With matte brown metallic hull foil.

  • 320-redline-2-500x333

    Red line design package
    With glacier gray hull foil.

  • 320-blueline-1-500x333

    Blue line design package
    With matte slate blue metallic hull foil.


Option Packages

  • joystick-500x333

    Twin engine technology package for V8 engines
    Includes Joystick control (Mercury JPO) and Bow thruster with dedicated battery. Only available with twin engines.

  • simrads-500x340

    Information Display and Entertainment Package
    • Simrad Information Display with 2 x 12 inch displays with a glass helm
    • Audio package with a Fusion radio and 4 speakers
    • Mercury VesselView integration
    • Simrad Echosounder

  • naytot-500x333

    Advanced navigation package (Requires navigation and entertainment package)
    • Simrad broadband radar
    • Simrad autopilot
    • Simrad VHF and AIS
    • Remote control for plotters (Simrad OP 50)

  • toilet-500x333

    Toilet and fresh water package upgrade
    • Fresh water system (100 liters)
    • Sink in toilet and wet bar module
    • Electric toilet
    • Gray water tank (40 liters)
    • Black water tank (60 liters)
    • Macerator

  • Saxdor-no-image-450x300

    Saxdor Lifestyle Package
    • Mooring equipment (6 pcs fenders – shiny black, size NF4 + fender ropes + fender socks | 4 pcs mooring rope FLEXLINE black, 14mm, 8mm in length | 1pc of 10kg Trefoil anchor + shackle | 1pc of anchor rope 14mm 40m )
    • Mattree topper for front cabin and ergonomic mattress base
    • Saxdor life jackets (4 pcs)
    • Saxdor key floater
    • Saxdor bag

  • Webasto-multicontrol-kayttokytkin-500x500

    Climate and power package
    • Air conditioning with heating (Webasto 8000 BTU)
    • Shore power
    • Generator replacement system (including Mastervolt 400Ah lithium battery)
    • Inverter and 230V/110V power outlets.


Individual Options


  • bowthurster-500x333

    Bow thruster

  • Saxdor-no-image-450x300

    Catapult bow windlass with lead and regular rope and remote control

  • joystick-500x333

    Joystick Control (Mercury JPO)
    Only available with twin V8 engines.

  • vesselview-500x395

    Mercury VesselView 502

  • 1stmate-500x309

    Mercury 1st Mate with anti-theft

  • trimtabs-333x500

    Manual trim tabs

  • battery-500x334

    Additional 400Ah battery for the Generator Replacement System

  • Inlet-_front_open_300dpi-490x500

    Shore Power (US 120V w. 40Ah charger)

  • Inlet-_front_open_300dpi-490x500

    Shore Power (EU 230 V w. 40 a.h charger)

  • automatic trim tabs-500x489

    Automatic trim tabs

  • electric stove liesi-1-500x333

    Electric stove – 110V
    Available only with shore power or climate package option.

  • electric stove liesi-1-500x333

    Electric stove – 230V
    Available only with shore power or climate package option.

  • Webasto-multicontrol-kayttokytkin-500x500

    Heater for front and main cabin (Webasto AT4000)


Navigational TECHNOLOGY

  • masto-500x333

    Simrad HALO20+ radar

  • simradnnrs90snvhfntiponcajannegra-7-349283

    Simrad RS100 VHF with receiving AIS

  • simradnnaisn500nconngps500-1-347198-500x347

    Simrad RS100 VHF-B with bidirectional AIS



  • HpCmz

    Upgrade to advanced audio package with a enhanced Fusion radio, amplifier and 8 speakers


Comfort Options

  • Saxdor-no-image-450x300

    Water ski pole

  • h6C7u

    Deck and bathroom handheld bidet shower

  • readinglights-500x333

    Curtains in front cabin and mosquito nets

  • 4-500x313

    Deck lights

  • Floor-500x333

    Soft deck flooring

  • Saxdor-no-image-450x300

    Front sunshade for stationary use

  • floatingfloor-500x333

    Floating floor in the main cabin

  • sunbedinfront-500x333

    Front deck sunbed

  • penkki-500x333

    Aft deck seating module with upholstery

  • Saxdor-no-image-450x300

    Main cabin floor lights

  • jaakaappi-333x500

    Fridge in the kitchen module

  • Saxdor-no-image-450x300

    Extra fridge in main cabin

  • sivuikkuna-500x333

    Side glasses with opening windows
    Manually operated opening side windows on both sides.

  • DSC08125-500x333

    Sleeping solution in main cabin
    Electric table and extra cushions for additional sleeping space in the main cabin.

  • Saxdor-no-image-450x300

    Harbour covers including cover for front sofa, aft sofa and blinds for main cabin windows