Saxdor originates from a vision to create a boat fleet that has never existed before. The new innovative concept has proven to attract customers and the boating professionals and journalists around the world. Our first year (2020) was a huge success with three important awards and nominations for our first model Saxdor 200. In addition, we produced 200 boats and our orderbook for 2021 is already full. Our team is honored and happy for the huge interest in Saxdor boats.

Saxdor’s headquarters is located in Helsinki, Finland. Saxdor Shipyard is our subsidiary and located in Elk, Poland. Elk is situated in Suwalki special economic zone known as one of the main boat-building cluster areas in Poland.

All together we are about two hundred professionals with vast experience from the boating business ranging from advanced technology, engineering, concept and cutting-edge design. Our ambition is to produce boats with modern methods and with the highest level of production process efficiency and quality. We are constantly looking for more people as we are growing rapidly.

Saxdor has built a large and experienced dealer network around the world in a very short period of time.


Concept and design are the most important things in the definition of a new boat or a new range.

The Saxdor team works closely with J&J to design Saxdor boats.

J&J Design is, arguably, world’s most experienced boat design office for production power- and sailboats. In the last 36 years J&J designed innumerous bestsellers for world’s largest and most prestigious boat and yacht builders.

The studio’s ability to innovate and create, based on accumulated deep industry know-how led to a range of new products – uniting new design features and technologies to improve the boating experience of customers worldwide.

Read more about the design concept in our press release.


Visionary boat designer and founder of Saxdor Yachts, Sakari Mattila, previously founded four successful and internationally-awarded boat brands: Axopar, XO-boats, Paragon and Aquador. Throughout his remarkable career, Mattila has had the role of lead strategist and original designer for each of these much loved brands.

To those people who are wondering, Sakari Mattila is nowadays fully focused on developing amazing new models for Saxdor with his team of professionals and has no longer ties with his previous brands.


The production of Saxdor 320 GTO and GTC starts. Saxdor 320 GTC is nominated European Powerboat of the Year 2022. Saxdor 320 GTO is nominated Best of the Boats of the Year 2021.


Saxdor 200 is already making waves:

  • European Powerboat of the Year 2021, WINNER, Saxdor 200
  • Motorboat of the Year 2021, FINALIST, ”Highly commended”, Saxdor 200
  • Best of Boats 2020 WINNER, Saxdor 200
  • Innovation Award 2020, Hiswa, Holland, Saxdor 200

A group of private investors and key persons of the Saxdor management team become significant minority shareholders. United Bankers Plc acts as advisor to Saxdor Yachts.

The subsidiary shipyard of Saxdor Yachts begins the production of Saxdor 200 in Elk, Poland.


Beginning of a new era.

Sakari innovates the concept and design of the new Saxdor model range. The model range starts from the 20 feet personal watercraft – Saxdor 200.

The name comes from the last and the first boat brand: S = Sakari, AX = AXopar, DOR = AquaDOR.

Saxdor Yachts Oy (Ltd) is founded in October.


As an indication of Mattila’s new concept and design Axopar wins several awards around the world and becomes the fastest growing boat brand in Europe.

  • Japan’s boat of the year 2017, Axopar 28 T-Top
  • Motor Boat of the Year 2017, WINNER, Axopar 37
  • Best of Boats 2016 FINALIST, Axopar 37
  • Boat Builder Awards 2016 WINNER, Axopar Boats Oy
  • Motorboat of The Show 2016, Helsinki, Axopar 24 Open
  • Motor Boat of the year Awards 2016 WINNER, Axopar 28 OC
  • European Powerboat of the Year Awards 2016, WINNER, Axopar 28
  • Best of Boats 2015, WINNER, Axopar 28
  • Boat Builder Awards 2015 FINALIST, Axopar Boats Oy
  • Motorboat of the Year 2014, Sweden, Axopar28 AC
  • Motorboat of the show 2014, Helsinki, Axopar 28 Open

The first Axopar 28 is launched at the Helsinki International Boat show in February 2014.

Sakari alone founded and registered Axopar Holdings Oy (Ltd) and its subsidiary Axopar Boats Oy (Ltd) in March 2014. Sakari’s company owned 100 % of Axopar’s shares.

Other three associates became shareholders nine months later.


Mattila starts the Axopar project in co-operation with Josef Wizsniewski, the owner and founder of the Slepsk shipyard.

Sakari innovates the new concept and design of Axopar. The concept and design are practically ready in the end of 2012.

Sakari developes the name from his previous brands. A = Aquador, XO = XO boats, PAR = PARagon.


Together with Erkki Talvela, Mattila founds XO boats in 2008.

  • Motorboat of the year Awards 2013, WINNER, XO 240 RS
  • European powerboat of the Year 2012 FINALIST, XO 240 RS

Mattila founds Paragon Yachts in 2003.

  • Motorboat of the year Awards 2010 WINNER, Paragon 31

Mattila founds Aquador Yachts in 1994.

  • Motorboat of the year Awards 2009 WINNER, Aquador 28 HT
  • Motorboat of the show 1998, Helsinki, Aquador 25 C