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Comfort Options 320 GTC

  • penkki-500x333

    Aft deck seating module with upholstery

  • readinglights-500x333

    Curtains in front cabin and mosquito nets

  • h6C7u

    Deck and bathroom handheld bidet shower

  • 4-500x313

    Deck lights

  • Saxdor-no-image-450x300

    Extra fridge in main cabin

  • floatingfloor-500x333

    Floating floor in the main cabin

  • jaakaappi-333x500

    Fridge in the kitchen module

  • sunbedinfront-500x333

    Front deck sunbed

  • Saxdor-no-image-450x300

    Front sunshade for stationary use

  • Saxdor-no-image-450x300

    Harbour covers including cover for front sofa, aft sofa and blinds for main cabin windows

  • Saxdor-no-image-450x300

    Main cabin floor lights

  • sivuikkuna-500x333

    Side glasses with opening windows
    Manually operated opening side windows on both sides.

  • DSC08125-500x333

    Sleeping solution in main cabin
    Electric table and extra cushions for additional sleeping space in the main cabin.

  • Floor-500x333

    Soft deck flooring

  • Saxdor-no-image-450x300

    Water ski pole