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Why we're #1

Discover the Sea-Doo difference

Unparalleled on water experience.

For over 25 years, Sea-Doo has led the way to maximise play on the water with rider-inspired innovations and a focus on fun.

Xtreme Machines

The world's #1 watercraft

And we're just getting started

Adventure in design: it's in the Sea-Doo DNA. We're committed to giving our riders the most innovative and exciting experiences on the water. The result: your best ride ever!

Xtreme Machines

Innovation with every ride

We're recognised as the industry's best

From our innovative design to our advanced engines, we're making a splash one watercraft at a time. It's no wonder we're leading the industry on and off the water.

Xtreme Machines

The Sea-Doo standard

Rides to remember

We believe in squeezing the very most out of your time on the water. Whether you're looking for solo exploration or family fun, we're inspiring riders to have more fun, seek more adventures and make more memories.

Xtreme Machines

Keep calm and just ride

Dependability you can count on

With Sea-Doo dependability, you can relax and ride. Maybe that's why 90% of Sea-Doo watercrafts produced in past decade are still making waves on the water today.

Xtreme Machines

More from every ride

Discover what's beyond possible

Dip your toes into the Sea-Doo Life with our exclusive accessories, designed to elevate your next adventure. From music to coolers, tie ups to tow sports, find the right plus one (or five) for your next ride.

Xtreme Machines

Trusted by Life Savers

Official powercraft supplier of Surf Life Saving Australia

For more than a decade our machines have been patroling our shores.

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