Saxdor is pleased to announce the appointment of Ms Erna Rusi as Chief Executive Officer of the Saxdor Group effective from October 20, 2021.

Erna has a strong background in leadership and strategy within international companies. She also possesses broad and extensive experience in branding and marketing as well as sales and business. Her previous engagements include several executive positions within Telia Company, one of the major telcos in the Nordic and Baltic region and a broad range of senior-level positions in fast-paced, highly competitive international business settings.

“I am very excited about joining such a competent and capable team. Saxdor is the fastest-growing company in the industry with amazing products. I’m looking forward to developing the company further together with all our great people, partners and customers. The new era of boating is definitely here and it’s exciting to be part of it“, says Erna Rusi.

The current CEO of Saxdor, Ludvig Liljequist, will continue within the company focusing on key areas in taking the company further, such as managing strategic vendors and partnerships, engagements in specific projects of financial management, digitalization and business development.

“The Saxdor journey so far has been amazing, and I am really excited about welcoming Erna to the team. She brings knowledge and expertise that will help us prepare for and reach the next level of growth and I really look forward to working aside her focusing even more on selected areas of our business,” Ludvig Liljequist describes his handover of the role to Erna.

For more information, please contact:

Erna Rusi, erna@saxdor.com or Ludvig Liljequist, ludvig.liljequist@saxdor.com