We are extremely honored and grateful for the Best of Boats, Best for beginners winning. We are very delighted with our winning status. It’s so exciting — especially for our team which worked so hard this year. We see this as achieving another milestone to keep up with our high standards. It is indeed a huge encouragement for us to continue surpassing our expectations. We want to thank everyone who has contributed to the win, the jury, our product development team, professional boat builders, dealers, J&J Design, and Mr.Sakari Mattila.

On Thursday, 19 November 2020, the Best Of Boats Award ceremony was presented in a Livestream broadcast event to announce the winners of the year. After several hundred boat tests, the 21 finalists in the five categories have now been announced. The expert jury from 15 nations has selected the international motorboat novelties all over Europe under the special conditions of this year.

”The Saxdor 200 sport combines two features: convenience and ease of use, with the safety and comfort of a compact motorboat. The boat is also a dynamic vessel. It is easy and reliable to control, and maneuvering in the marina is extremely simple –  an excellent choice for your first own motor yacht.”